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"Your tutorials have been so inspirational and motivating. Despite my achievements, the process of writing has always been laborious for me. Thank you so much for lifting me up each time I read your slides."— Janine Jones, PhD
Professor of Psychology
University of Washington

What you will get:• 14 modules and 250+ slides with detailed instructions and screenshots• a complete workflow to conceive, develop, draft, and revise your academic writing project

Just got the Efficient Academic Writer tutorial and loved it.
- Dr. Akshay Shanker
Cornell University

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This tutorial has been super helpful for me for overcoming the writer's block. I've learned to use AI tools and it's been a game changer.— J.C. PhD candidate

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Mushtaq Bilal curates a range of highly effective AI apps for researchers, presenting them in a user-friendly format for instant access.The apps are clearly and succinctly laid out, enabling researchers to conduct their work in an efficient and time-effective manner.— Maria Dolores Fernández de la Torre Madueño, PhD
Malaga University, Spain

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I forgot to add the discount code and paid the full price. However, having gone through the first few exercises I believe the tutorial is worth every cent.Most people would have tried to make extra money from an update, but you look beyond that and focused on the value.I am glad I made the purchase.— Dr. Stanley B. Whyte

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As a legal scholar I find Mushtaq’s [Twitter] posts and email [newsletter] extremely helpful in improving my productivity.— Zohar Goshen
Jerome L. Greene Professor of
Transactional Law
Columbia University

Do you know there is an AI-powered app that summarizes articles so you can read more and write more?

This tutorial has helped me a lot. I just submitted my second paper and I used a few AI programs, which really speeded up my writing. Even my supervisors were surprised by the quality of the work.— Jacoba Huizenga, PhD candidate

Do you know ChatGPT creates fake citations and references? But there is an app that answers your questions with references to actually published articles?

Thank you so much for creating this tutorial. It's been super helpful and practical.
You're a lifesaver in academic writing!
— Kelly, PhD Candidate

Do you know you can use ChatGPT ethically and intelligently to speed up your writing process?

This tutorial is currently being used by academics in the following universities:
• Harvard University
• Stanford University
• Columbia University
• New York University
• Princeton University
• University of Minnesota
• University of Southern California
• University of New South Wales
• University of Melbourne
• Birmingham University
• Bristol University
and many others
across the world

With 250+ slides, this tutorial will help you conceive, develop, draft, and revise your academic writing projects in a fraction of the time you spend on your writing.

Through his tutorials, Dr. Bilal has demystified the existence and use of AI-assisted apps in academic spaces for everyone.
— Susamma Seeley, PhD candidate

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I have been invited to present this tutorial in several leading universities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark.


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